Community Health Post

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A Community Health Post is usually situated in a small town; it serves a population of 5000 to 10,000within a 5-mile radius. These posts have similar functions to the MCHP with added curative functions. Community Health Posts have been manned by SECHN or EDCU Assistants, but in future by community health assistants currently being trained.

The Community Health Post relates to the Community Health Centre in the following ways:

  • Patients are referred from the Community Health Post to the Community Health Centre where improved services can be offered
  • Urgent and/or more serious referrals and emergencies on theother hand should go straight from the Health Posts to the District Hospital to avoid delays.

The Community Health Officer-in-charge of the CHC support and supervise the person in charge of the Community Health Post, by visiting him/her and discussing health problems of the area.