Travel to Viet Nam for holidays

Travel to Viet Nam for holidays

Being recognized as a World Heritage site and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Asia by UNESCO, Halong Bay (which means “dragon flying down the bay”) is one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam for visitors who are interested in exploring nature. It located in Quang Ninh province, northern Vietnam. In order to explore the wonders of this world, one of the best ways is taking a cruise trip in Halong Bay on the immense beaches, beautiful islands and spectacular caves. To get the full experience when visiting this scenic, Halong Bay cruise has provided Halong tours and cruises, with the day tour and cruise to tourists are planning a sightseeing cruise in Halong Bay.

The best time to visit Halong Bay
Weather in Halong Bay is characteristic for coastal tropical climate. It is divided into two main seasons all around the year: hot weather with scattered rain from April to September and cool weather with cold winds from October to March. Due to the nature of a closed sea areas, Halong Bay was lucky not affected by hailstorm.

This is one of the most popular and famous destinations for holiday in Vietnam. There will be many tourists traveling with Vietnam visa in the region in the spring and summer. When the weather is good, you can participate in many featured activities at this place, which will be mentioned later. But on the contrary, you can hardly do that in the fall and winter because it gets too cold.

Halong Bay is known as a paradise for photographers by spectacular beauty, magnificent gift, which is awarded by nature. Besides endowed beauty, some of the most popular activities in Halong Bay can be listed such as: swimming and sunbathing, snorkelling and kayaking, hiking and biking… Itis an ideal place for sunbathing with dazzling sunlight, especially on the Halong Bay cruises. On the famous Cat Ba island has several popular beaches to relax on it, very suitable for sunbathing. However, you should note that to apply sunscreen to avoid burning the skin.

Kayaking uses a kayak boat to navigate on the water. Halong Bay is a great ideal for this activity with thousands of islands around, the tide slightly, fresh and green emerald water. To enjoy a magnificent landscape of Halong Bay with a comfortable speed, you can get your paddle on a boat trip and discover the beauty of the bay by kayaking.

Most Halong Bay cruises offers kayaking. Make sure that this activity will make your trip much more enjoyable. The ancient martial art of Tai Chi was taught from generation to generation in China to promote health of body and soul. It is said that Tai Chi in the peace and quiet of the great outdoors to achieve better results through this art form, especially when you breathe in the fresh air and watch the sun rise over beautiful scenery of Halong Bay. Halong Bay is known for its beautiful caves and karst, which attracts many tourists from around the world. The best way to see the entire landscape of the bay than from a helicopter. The Halong Bay cruise will give you a chance to admire the skyline, but the viewer can not cover because there are so many limestone and islands in the bay.

The best choice for this activity is on Cat Ba Island – on the eastern edge of Halong Bay. Cat Ba also owns an impressive natural beauty with natural habitat exists compelling as many rare animals are hidden in limestone coastal forest and mangroves. Tourists can choose different walking trail for impressive experiences or cycling around the local village.

It’s hard to imagine living daily life surrounded by the incredible beauty of this famous bay. In contrast to the majestic natural beauty, the family fishing village in Halong bay live in a completely different world. Up and down the tide falls, the village from generation to generation of fishermen to earn a living from the abundant supply of the bay’s marine life and tourism development in the region.

Although many new hotels were built on the larger islands, it is said that you should spend a night on board. By doing this, you will be able to admire the bay closer in a very special way. You will not miss the magnificent sunset and sunrise, moreover you also have the pleasure of spending the night on Halong Bay cruises.

Shopping is an integral part for the travelers. From shopping, visitors can find out more about the culture and society of destination, as well as take home some some souvenirs for their families or friends. Although located quite far from the Bai Chay, Ha Long market attracts many tourists visiting this coastal city, by the amount of goods here is very rich, especially fresh seafood. Besides, there are areas of handicrafts products, cosmetics, gifts … convenient for shopping of customers. Visitors should check the quality and origin of the products before purchasing, as well as stores in guarantees places such as malls, retail outlets.

Halong Bay festival includes traditional and modern festivals, extremely diverse and plentiful. Cua Ong festival, Tra Co festival is features of tradition festivals and religion of the people on Halong Bay. In particular, in late April to early May, visitors to Halong Bay will have the opportunity to enjoy the colorful atmosphere and excitement of the “Ha Long Carnival”, the largest annual festival in Halong. Nowsaday, Halong Bay is no longer a unfamiliar destination for domestic and international tourists. Spectacular natural beauty, excellent service, friendly people … all of them have created a natural wonder deep mark in the minds of tourists. Do not hesitate any longer! Take a Halong Bay cruise for your journey to have exciting and unique memory!

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