Health Minister Presents Infrastructural New Blue Print to Health Implementing Partners

Freetown, Sept. 25, 2015 (MOHS) – The Health and Sanitation Ministry recently launched its Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a detailed plan on how Implementing Partners are expected to provide services to identified district, chiefdom or facility. The plan must contain the goals and objectives of the project with the intended outcomes and outputs.

blueCross section of Health Development Implementing and Donor Partners

At a well-attended meeting with partners on Friday September 25, 2015, Health and Sanitation Minister, Dr. Abu Bakarr Fofanah in a power point presentation sets the machinery for the standard Blue Print required of Implementing Partners. The minister on behalf of the ministry and team of health professionals and administrators, rendered his apology for the delay in giving them the Blue Print, promising that the developed standards would be disseminated focusing on structures reflecting new completion, those commencing and others yet to be commenced, pointing out that facilities on the verge to commence would be advised to switch over to the new Blue Print.

blue1Health Minister Dr. Abu Bakarr Fofanah making his presentation

The Minister warned that structures that would fade out to health hazard would not be encouraged, as compliance and sustainability is key for posterity within the standards and goals set by the Ministry.

“As a government we are ready to build a new Blue Print with our partners in the area of setting a new temporary or permanent structures as long as it falls within the framework of a beneficial service delivery within the health sector”, opined Dr Fofanah. “We are also ready to work on issues of concern and to negotiate to reach a consensus”, the Minister added. He spoke on plans to establish a National Emergency Medical Services and appealed for the cooperation and support of partners with the provision of persons with specialties on the proposed Emergency National Medical Services. The plan for a National Ambulance Service for effective and efficient referral system, the Minister disclosed is also ongoing.

The New Blue Print at national or central level, the Minister told partners may start as a pilot project and stretches over to all the districts with a rigid tripartite monitoring system.

blue2One of the projected structures (Permanent Triage) displayed on screen for comparison

The projected health facilities on screen include triage, waste management (Incinerator), Isolation unit, Infection, Prevention and Control (IPC) units, staff quarters and toilet facility among other key components.

Projected comparison on screen of different constructed, rehabilitated, temporary, permanent and commencement of work, undertaken by GOAL, International Medical Corps (IMC) and CUAM by formed high point of the meeting.