“A dignified Childhood is about getting the best possible start in life” -Deputy Health Minister, Madina Rahman

Freetown, Sept. 11, 2015 (MOHS) – Deputy Health and Sanitation Minister II has told the National Children’s Summit in Freetown that learning and development of children to their full potential is a dignified approach for the start in life.

business4Deputy Health and Sanitation Minister II, Madam Madina Rahman

Addressing the Forum at the Hill Valley Hotel in Freetown on Thursday September 10, 2015 on the theme: “: Children’s Vision- A child Centred Development Agenda 2015-2030” Nothing about us, Without us, Madam Rahman reiterated that the best possible life for a dignified childhood is surviving, thriving, being safe, healthy and protected, well fed, going to school and learning and developing to full potential. Every child she said must have the protection and support of a loving and caring family, adding that children who end up on the streets are having their childhood dignity taken away from them.

The Deputy Minister told her audience that as a nation, they all have the responsibility to help vulnerable children by giving them their rights to live and grow with dignity. She encouraged parents to learn and support children in the process of self-reliance, noting that the family is the foundation of cultural values and best practices which allows the children to grow up in dignity and develop into self-reliant adults.

“Our children are the rock on which our future will be built, Our greatest asset as a nation” -Nelson Mandela.

The children advocates for Health Care Services 2015-2030:

The changes we want to see for us children in Sierra Leone: In all towns and villages, we want:

Medicines in all Health Centres at all times and in all villages to reach us the children, especially the Free Health Care medicines.

We want the Free Health Care to stay and be included into the national constitution. Now is the time when Sierra Leone is reviewing the constitution.

To see more nurses and doctors who are trained, qualified and happy to provide health care to children in all health centres.

There should be special spaces/corners in all health facilities for us the children so that we can be given services in a friendly environments.

We need more health centres and the old ones repair and furnish with medicines and other vital equipment.

All the health facilities should have enough water supply, hygiene and sanitation facilities.

Monitoring all services and the monies for our health, make sure they reach us and meet our needs.