Making PTS II A Comfortable Home for Quarantined victims

Freetown, Jul. 8, 2015 (MOHS) – Deputy Minister II Ministry of Health and Sanitation Madina Rahman has disclosed plans to utilize the Police Training School (PTS II) former Treatment Centre as a safe home for quarantined victims that may have come in contact with a positive or suspected Ebola case.

PTSDeputy Minister II Madam Madina Rahman addressing cross section of quarantined people from Magazine Wharf

She observed that when people are quarantined within their community there is risk and temptation of movement to the nearest neighbor and friends but when isolated they would be safe from being infected.

PTS1From L-R: Garry Eversfield, Jochen Moringer and Dr. Gunther Schramm

The Magazine Wharf victims were the first to be quarantined at PTS II followed by nurses, doctors and other health workers from the Princess Christian Maternity Hospital (PCMH).

Mr. Garry Eversfield of DFID and Dr. Gunther Schramm of World Hunger Help (WHM) and Jochen Moringer of the same institution have been putting modalities in place to making sure that all quarantined victims on arrival at the centre are hospitably received and given the best reception and comfort to feel at home