Hazard pay for February

February Hazard Payments will be made against the Biometric Re-verification Results. The biometric re-verification has been completed in all 14 Districts of Sierra Leone. Health Centers and facilities managers are requested to review the final list and sign an attestation letter taking full responsibility for ensuring that all the Ebola Response Workers who are approved are genuine and worked for the February pay period.

The general public is to note that the attestation step is crucial because ownership and clarification on the difference between the genuine workers and ineligible workers is important to curb fraud in Hazard Payments.

The Hazard Payment teams have completed the attestation process in Western Area, and the following Center/Facilities will be paid on First Week in March.

34 Military Hospital
Aberdeen Women’s Center
Adra Treatment Center
Emergency Surgical Center
Hastings Health Center
Jui Government Hospital
King Harman Road Hospital
Kingtom Police Hospital
Kissy Mental Hospital
Lakka Government Hospital
Lumley Government Hospital
Macauley St. Govt. Hospital
MSF / Prince Of Wales
Newton Holding Centre
Ola During Children’s Hospital
Prisons Hospital
Rokupa Government Hospital
Ross Road Dental Clinic
Syke Street Dental Clinic
Western Area Ebola Response Centre

Ebola Response Workers in the above Centers/Facilities will be paid via their bank account or mobile account. Text messages will be sent with information on the mode of payment (whether through your bank account or mobile phone account) will be sent to all beneficiaries.

Ebola Response Workers in the Western Area who feel they may have been left out are requested to clarify with their center managers and then contact the hazard pay team at the NERC after such clarification. We are here to help you if you are a genuine Ebola Response Worker. Your work is critical to achieving Sierra Leone’s goal of reaching ZERO Ebola Cases. Thank you!

For the Northern Province, Eastern Province, and Southern Province – Names of all ERWs are now been taken back to their facilities to sign the attestation letters. This is an important fiduciary compliance step. Payments will be processed as soon as Center managers approve the list. ERWs are requested to remain patient during this exercise and assured that all genuine Ebola Response Workers will be paid for February

The general public is also reminded that all eligible ERWs will be issued out valid contract and national identification card at the end of the process.

God bless you and once more thanks for your sacrifices in the fight against EVD.